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The most powerful healing comes from one knowing and being who they really are. Healing is a by product of being the whole being in human form. 

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All About Patty Shen

Patty Shen is an empath and a trained energy healing practitioner for many modalities. Since 1998, Patty has gone through intuitive healing training and in 2014 she became a master practitioner in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. She is also an accredited counselor in spiritual psychology.   

She provides different healing modalities, which help you achieve your next goal or just feel better. This work can help you to initiate your spiritual path and integrate your truth. Get in touch today to learn more about her service.



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(Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique )

Spiritual B.E.S.T

Release neuro association with past action and feelings. Great for goal setting/achievement, relaxing or pain relief


All B.E.S.T, Spiritual B.E.S.T, Intuitive healing can be done remotely.


The Bars - Access Consciousness

TFH (Touch For Health) - 14 muscle balancing

support emotional and physical well being by sedating or activating energy channels



 I am so grateful for the remote healing you gave me. I have slept much better and also felt much calmer. The night after the healing, I had a long hard cry. Looks like i was releasing a lot of stuff. Your healing was so powerful. You also gave  me some great advise on how to cope with the fear and feeling helpless over the pandemic.  Thank you very much. 

Kim Harris


Working with Patty was a relief that words could not describe. The physical ailments were relieved with great instruction and ease. Then there was the energy work. Without knowing how to articulate my woes, she brought them forward to be released. The feeling is amazing as this entire process is performed. Patty is very knowledgeable and sensitive to what needs aligning in your body physically and energetically.

Natalia Marquez


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